Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dubbing into knighthood

When the squire became 21 years of age, he was dubbed a knight. But, there are certain things he must do prior to being dubbed. Before the ceremony, he prayed and fasted all night. When morning arrived, the knight-to-be took a warm shower. Then, he put on a special padded hood and pelt to prevent injuries from his armor. A page would then help him put on his armor, plate or mail. The squire would then put on a white colored tunic, that represented peace, so his armor would nto rust in rain or son. At the ceremony, he kneels before his lord and his shoulders are tapped with the flat sword and the lord would say," I dub thee Sir Knight." Thus, he was givin his sword, golden spurs, and lance. After a long journey to become knight, years of training and teaching, and plenty of endurance, the once, young page is now a full-fledged knight.

Squire fire

When the page reached age 14, he became a squire. The squire was responsible for bringging a knight replacment items during a battle like swords, lances, and horses. Also, the squire was to become a custom doing practically everything with armor on. Also, he was pitted against knights to train with real armor and weapons. A squire learned many different items to becoming a knight. They involved learning the Code of Chivalry, Rules of Heraldry, horsemanship, dancing, courtly etiquette, music, etc.

How to become a knight 101

Children who are to become knights endure many challenges throughout the journey. If a boy is born by a knight they are sent from home to the castle of his kingdom at age seven (7). He is now a page at this stage of becoming a knight. Pages are are to be the personal servants of the lord of the castle. Pages must aid his lord to get dressed and put on armor daily. They are taught to mantain armor and keep equipment ready. Young pre-knights play a variety of training games including wrestling and piggy-backwrestling to help train and are taught many skills like hawking, sword fighting, and jousting. With many secular teachings the young page is also receives religious traing from the chaplain